Mitigar ameaças internas e aprimorar investigações de verificação com inteligência artificial

Março 2021

The world’s societies and economies are continuously becoming more interconnected and complex as a result of new technologies. While there are many beneficial aspects to these communications and information-sharing advances, they also introduce new security threats and challenges.

The need for the best solutions – including Artificial Intelligence – to save precious analyst and investigator resources by applying high-impact, relevant technologies for vetting and investigations, including for the full range of Insider Threats, has never been greater.  The sophistication of national and trans-national threat actors and organizations has to be countered with the best AI to leverage the ever-expanding sources of publicly available and proprietary data and provide the tactical or strategic decision-maker with timely, explainable facts and insights.

The challenges for authorities assessing risk from visa or job applicants, companies in sensitive supply chains, or pursuing Insider Threat leads have important implications for investigations of threats from criminal activity in the realms of human trafficking, narcotics trafficking, counterintelligence, and countering violent Domestic and Global terrorism.

AI technology can provide time-saving, high-impact results tailored to the key challenges faced by investigators, analysts, and decision-makers who want to derive the full benefit of all-source information for the specific questions they need to answer for their highest priorities.  This helps the Subject Matter Expert immediately and automatically comb through massive amounts of unstructured data to identify connections and relationships to known or previously unidentified people, networks, activities, organizations, or foreign governments. The ability to translate data from hundreds of different foreign languages, covering a fuller spectrum of information sources is absolutely key in uncovering unforeseen threats. This breakthrough technology can also be deployed for highly efficient mass-batch vetting, the discovery of leads to pursue, and help global teams build a tailored, cumulative database for future applications.

Emerging visual technologies allow AI to work even more thoroughly in the vetting process.  AI systems can recognize, and match images of individuals being investigated for criminal conduct with images in countless Internet sources, and also identify and analyze specific elements within those images that offer significant context, such as text, geographical markers, identifying symbols, or weapons.

AI offers many benefits to private companies. Major corporations can immediately analyze risk faster impacting all aspects of an enterprise risk management program. Whether it be the supply chain, business continuity, investigating Insider Threats or employing the top talent, AI will play an increasingly important role. Impacting employee morale, the protection of Intellectual Property, addressing Reputational Risk, and even creating efficiencies.

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