Financial Services

Next-level insights for financial investigations

Voyager Labs’ suite of solutions brings a vital edge in the fight against financial crime. Whether it is AML/CTF, KYC or fraud investigations, Voyager Labs’ AI – based technology transforms massive amounts of unstructured and structured data including legal, social, financial, internal data and open-source intelligence into actionable insights.

With its ability to discover otherwise undetectable connections, Voyager Labs’ platforms enable investigators to quickly uncover possible fraud, criminal activity, and suspicious behaviors at all levels, from employees to vendors to customers.

The benefits

Data enrichment

Leverage multiple data sources including the open, deep and dark web.

Best in class technology

Unique, award-winning, cognitive AI technology, enabling deep understanding of content, human interactions and connections.

Best in class entity resolution

Industry leading accuracy in entity resolution by leveraging deep AI.


Harness billions of data points in near real-time.

Reveal hidden insights

Focus on what matters, understand truth, and uncover answers hidden in plain sight.

Save cost & time

Condense investigation time, reduce headcount and deploy faster.