Aspiration Corporation and Voyager Labs Announce Strategic Partnership

October 6, 2022

Aspiration Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Hirokazu Ishizuka, Aspiration) announced that it has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Voyager Labs, a world leader in advanced AI-based investigation solutions. The agreement will enable Aspiration to provide solutions to investigate threats in various areas such as national security, defense, terrorism, and crime.

In response to the recent destabilization of the international situation and heightened military tension, the importance of readiness for national defense and security is increasing all over the world. It is critical to detect, analyze, and proactively respond to information that poses a security threat, such as terrorism, organized crime, propaganda, and fake news dissemination.

Voyager Labs’ AI-based investigations solutions can analyze huge amounts of unstructured and structured data from the Open, Deep and Dark Web as well customers own data sources to reveal direct, indirect, and hidden connections. The solutions are deployed across defense, national security and public safety and law enforcement verticals, in various countries in the US, Latin America, Europe, APAC, and middle eastern regions.

“I am glad that we are collaborating with Aspiration Corporation in the fight against terror and crime. Using Voyager Lab’s cutting-edge intelligence solutions, our clients gain unique capabilities to proactively identify and disrupt potential threats. We bring additional layers of deep investigative insights using a combination of AI, Machine Learning and OSINT to uncover hidden trails, infringed information, and bad actors,” said Divya Khangarot, General Manager APAC & Japan at Voyager Labs.

“Voyager Lab’s advanced AI-based technology is a unique and powerful asset in fighting the complex threats that present with the changing security landscape in this region specially for Japan. It is a strategic partnership for Aspiration Corporation to further strengthen our engagements in the National Defense and Security areas to help our clients proactively identify and prevent threats, accelerate investigations and disinformation campaigns,” said Koichi Ishizuka, CEO at Aspiration Corporation.

About Voyager Labs

Voyager Labs, a world leader in advanced AI-based investigation solutions, empowers organizations worldwide to gain deep investigative insights about entities, individuals, groups, and topics. The company’s proprietary AI technology enables investigators to easily analyze massive amounts of intelligence information to make informed decisions.

About Aspiration Corporation

Aspiration provides comprehensive security consulting and solutions, including Cyber Dome, a security service based on state-of-the-art technologies, threat intelligence to detect signs of cyber-attacks in the Dark Web, leading-edge security services such as risk assessment systems using AI’s OSINT methodology, and Drone Dome, a counter-drone system. Our mission is to contribute to enhancing customer security with the most advanced wisdom. Contracts with several global security companies, including Israel’s biggest defense and security firm Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. Member of the Cyber Security Consortium of National center of Incident readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity (NISC). For more information, please go to