Intercepting terrorism in the age of big data

Terrorists balance the need to be active – recruiting, networking and spreading their agenda – with the need to remain hidden. But the billions of data points that make up our digital world hide potential insights that could be the key to intercepting terrorist activities. Attempting to unearth terrorist activity, supporters and financers using traditional methods can consume a staggering amount of time and resources, and overlook new means of communications.

AI-driven deep insights

Leading agencies use Voyager Labs’ AI-driven platforms to help their analysts uncover deep actionable insights regarding terror activities, cells, networks and infrastructure from multiple sources. By using an array of advanced capabilities, online data is leveraged to unveil hidden information and profound insights regarding terror groups and their activities. For example, analysts can uncover proxies between seemingly disparate groups facilitating terror activity across geographies. Gaining access to this wealth of intelligence enables security personnel to make faster, more informed decisions.

The benefits

AI-driven insights

Gain actionable insights on individuals, groups and topics.

Reveal a mosaic of connections

Instantly gain deep, actionable insights about individuals, groups or topics, including key and hidden connections and terrorist affiliations.

Discover off-the-grid targets

Learn about targets who are careful to mask their public footprint.

Enrich your data

Our deep analysis can enrich your existing extremist database.