Financial Crime

Strengthen your KYC process with an additional layer of intelligence

Leverage Voyager Lab’s AI-based platforms to enrich entity profiles from multiple data sources. Get a more accurate and wholistic view of risk for KYC/CDD, ODD, EDD or KYCC processes without compromising customer experience.

Gain a deeper understanding of customers by assessing risk aspects such as lifestyle changes, exposure to cryptocurrency, extremism affiliation and more.

Leverage AI for investigations to proactively mitigate AML, CTF & Fraud risk

Investigate serious allegations of wrongdoing such as money laundering, fraud, or bribery with Voyager Lab’s suite of investigative platforms which allows organizations to analyse massive amounts of data from internal and external sources in near real-time.

Generate actionable intelligence in uncovering hidden relationships and collusion, identifying infringed information, tracing money trails and more.

Threats such as terror financing often indirectly originates from legal sources and are difficult to detect. Voyager Labs gives you an armor against these obscure threats and protect your organizations reputation by proactively detecting connections and solidarity with extremists and radicals.

The benefits

Condense investigation times

Turn weeks of data sifting into minutes.

Reveal hidden insights

Instantly gain actionable, otherwise-unattainable insights about individuals, groups or topics, including key and hidden connections.

Harness publicly available data in near real time

Act on the most relevant and current information.

Share knowledge

Cooperate across teams, departments, jurisdictions - and databases. Integrate with your existing systems.

Start immediately

Straightforward and quick to deploy – on average, two days of training yields immediate intelligence generation.

Automated, AI-driven insights

Enhance your investigations with actionable insights on individuals, groups and topics.