Law Enforcement

Billions of data points form a challenge - and an opportunity

Data is becoming increasingly complex: big, dynamic and diverse. But within this data, answers are hidden in plain sight. The challenge is extracting them efficiently and precisely. Billions of digital data points leave a trail, even for those who take pains to cover their steps. Large documents may hide within them the key insight to furthering an investigation, or taking down a criminal network. Groups communicating online could be the key to infiltrating a large narcotics ring. Advanced technologies enable law enforcement agents to augment their day-to-day work and infuse their activities with precise, real-time information.

Technology that augments your work productivity

Leading law enforcement agencies use our platforms to evaluate vast amounts of unstructured data in seconds. Using the deep analysis that an AI-driven solution makes possible, a picture emerges of individuals, groups and topics as well as human behavior, affinity and intent. Our deep dive insights platform helps analysts reveal hidden connections, influencers and mediators who may be facilitating criminal activity. Our automated platforms help conduct assessments at scale. Our computer vision platforms allow agents to harness and make sense of purely visual data. By understanding human behavior from unstructured data, Voyager Labs’ platforms deliver deep, actionable insights to help you advance your mission in a simple, turnkey solution.

The benefits

Automated AI-driven insights

Enhance your investigations with actionable insights on individuals, groups and topics.

Condense investigation times

Turn weeks of data sifting into minutes.

Reveal key and hidden connections

Instantly gain deep, actionable insights about individuals, groups or topics, including key and hidden connections.

Harness publicly available data in near real time.

Receive the most relevant and current information.

Share knowledge

Cooperate across teams, departments, jurisdictions and agencies.

Process large documents rapidly

Analyze massive document repositories in minutes.