Crime mirrored in data

Combating weapons, drugs or human trafficking is a major challenge. Attempting to piece together the information to expose a trafficking ring and halt illegal activities is a difficult and time-consuming task. Recruiting, coordinating, soliciting and selling are coordinated activities that require communication and interaction by those involved, some of which is conducted online. A single, subtle activity along this chain may not set off alarm bells, but with the right technology, investigators can connect the dots.

Solving the puzzle with AI

Voyager Labs platforms use AI to help investigators distill deep meaningful insights on targets, groups and narratives that can lead to a full mapping of trafficking activities and infrastructure. By starting with a target or a topic of interest, then deep diving into affiliations, connections, locations, and activity, the entire trafficking ring can be exposed, along with critical insights that can help determine the best time to intercept their activity.

The benefits

AI-driven insights

Gain actionable insights on individual traffickers, the trafficking rings collectively, or investigate trafficking-related topics.

Understand relationship networks, types and strength

Learn how traffickers are connected and how they interact. Reveal hidden connections.

Identify where traffickers are most active

Quickly unearth the topography of trafficking activity.