Organized Crime

Decoding criminal behavior

Criminal activity and gang activity are inextricable and synonymous. Gangs come in all sizes, and all structures. Some are local, some are national or even international. Some are highly centralized, others are loosely run. Some affiliate strongly with other cities’ chapters or other gangs, others do not. Understanding each gang’s unique behavior, internal makeup, and external relationships is crucial to combating their spread and preventing crime.

Use AI to gain a new perspective

Voyager Labs’ platforms use AI to help you identify suspects, groups and topics that can lead to a better understanding of gang activity, behavior and structure. These platforms enable you to deep dive into affiliations, connections, locations, and activity levels. What is revealed? A mosaic of human activity, an entire network of relationships, and precisely the actionable insights that can help you identify previously unknown key players in a gang and augment your work with the types of profound insights advanced technology makes possible.

The benefits

AI-driven insights

Gain actionable insights on individual gang members, the gang collectively, or related topics as well as intricate interplays between different gangs or entities in different locations.

Understand relationships

Learn how gang members are connected, the types and strengths of relationships between them, and affiliations between gangs and other groups or individuals.

Identify where a gang is most active

Quickly unearth the topography of gang activity.