U.S. Public Sector

Innovations for a Safer Nation

Voyager Labs’ intelligent investigation solutions enable U.S. federal, state and local government agencies to rapidly gain deep investigative insights about entities, individuals, groups and topics to address critical national and local challenges such as:

A Force Multiplier for Investigative Teams

Our platforms enable investigators and analysts to analyze massive, unstructured data volumes with a click of a button, unearth insights and connections not visible to manual research, and ultimately identify risks and close cases faster.

Our U.S. Public Sector Customers

Voyager Labs works with a wide range of U.S. federal, state and local government agencies within categories including:

We’d been working on this case for two months. With Voyager Labs’ technology, we solved it with the click of a button.

Sample Use Cases

Vetting and Background Investigations

Voyager Labs provides rapid, in-depth analysis capabilities for U.S. government offices responsible for vetting new hires, conducting clearance processes, flagging potential threats posed by visa applicants, and other activities to protect against human threats.

Law Enforcement Investigations

Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and task forces use Voyager Labs solutions to increase the speed and productivity of investigations by rapidly analyzing massive volumes of data to identify, understand and disrupt crime, fraud and trafficking activities.

Prosecution Investigations

Voyager Labs’ field-proven, AI-driven network and content analysis capabilities are currently deployed in federal, state and local government prosecution offices to search for, identify, flag, and export relevant evidence for investigations ranging from fraud and price gouging to human trafficking and more.

National Security Threats

Government investigators and analysts use Voyager Labs’ solutions to identify and understand the full spectrum of threats, including tracking foreign-based cyber attacks, flagging domestic extremists activities, and uncovering internal security hazards and data vulnerabilities inside agencies or contractor organizations.

Military Intelligence

U.S. government agencies use our AI-driven technology to gain a critical edge in the race to understand evolving “ground truths” in every corner of the globe, track indicators of adversarial force projection and movement, discover new communications channels used by terrorist and insurgent organizations, and validate HUMINT sources.

Healthcare Crisis Management

Voyager Labs’ AI-enabled tools can help government agencies identify, understand and disrupt healthcare-related crime and fraud related to critical challenges such as opiods, Medicaid/Medicare, and pandemic management.

Partnerships and Affiliations

Contracting and Funding

Voyager Labs’ solutions are available on the GSA MAS contract and other GWAC vehicles. In addition, Voyager Labs’ solutions are eligible for numerous public and private grant programs.

We can help your agency identify the best contract vehicle or find and apply for grant opportunities that fit your specific needs.


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