Narcotics Interdiction

A distributed network of illicit activity

Involvement in the lucrative narcotics trade can come from any direction; the profit potential is high, and the lure is strong. The production, transport and sale of illegal drugs employs a vast network. This shadowy economy has many actors who work hard to conceal their identities, and who are unaware of the identity of others up and down the supply chain. Piecing together this puzzle can take weeks or months of painstaking work.

Solving the puzzle with AI

Voyager Labs’ platforms use AI to augment narcotics investigations and help analysts understand each actor’s activity, behavior and actions, as well as get a clear picture of the general narcotics production and trafficking infrastructure. These platforms enable analysts to deep dive into affiliations, connections, locations, and activity levels. What is revealed? A clear picture of the infrastructure and proxies enabling it, a world of hidden insights and answers that fall into place, helping analysts rapidly understand the landscape and key players and implement an effective counter-narcotics strategy.

The benefits

AI-driven insights

Gain actionable insights on individual traffickers, the trafficking rings collectively, or investigate narcotics-related topics.

Understand networks

Learn how traffickers are connected and how they interact. Reveal hidden connections and uncover hidden answers.

Understand relationships

Segment trafficker infrastructure and connections according to strength, type and essence.

Uncover illicit activity

Quickly unearth the topography of narcotics production and trafficking activity.