Border Security

Critical decisions - made every minute

Each year, more than 1.3 billion people travel internationally. The vast majority are welcome, legitimate visitors and tourists. But some may harbor malicious intent. Pinpointing these cases proactively is a substantial, high-stakes challenge for border security officials. These professionals are tasked with efficiently detecting illegal activity and preventing the infiltration of bad actors, while facilitating smooth, uninterrupted transport for both people and goods.

Artificial intelligence- augmenting decision-making

Voyager Labs uses advanced AI algorithms to understand patterns of behavior. By marrying this unique capability with other core algorithms in the fields of image recognition, natural language understanding, and human behavior analysis, Voyager Labs’ platforms help you assess risk within minutes, assisting security personnel to make timely, informed decisions that could save lives, while allowing the general public to enter freely and without delay. This decision support system augments the work of officials with precision and speed, providing them with valuable indicators that might have otherwise been overlooked.

The benefits

Condense processing times

Evaluate potential risks within seconds.

Benefit from high-volume processing

Thousands of checks can be conducted rapidly, with no degradation of accuracy.

Harness unstructured data in near-real time

Consider the most relevant and current information.

Intuitive visualization

Receive clear, understandable results, in a simple-to-use visual interface.

Flexible configuration

Scoring criteria, thresholds and data sources can be configured to suit each customer’s needs.