National Security

The 5th domain of warfare

After land, sea, air and space, warfare has entered the fifth domain: cyberspace. Within this domain, terrorists interact, recruit, and spread propaganda.
Criminals communicate more effectively and discreetly, as a result National Security may be compromised.
Within this new domain there are billions of data points, which humans cannot grasp unassisted.
Advanced AI-driven technology can help agents and analysts identify important information hidden in the sea of unstructured data, to augment productivity and stay one step ahead of national threats.

Staying one step ahead with AI

Voyager Labs’ unique AI-powered platforms can help agents and analysts with a variety of missions and tasks that are becoming increasingly complex in today’s digital environment. VoyagerAnalytics can help you leverage massive amounts of publicly available unstructured data and glean deep, actionable insights to focus and advance investigations and intelligence missions. VoyagerCheck can help you assess risks and other factors at scale, support decisions and prioritize activities. VoyagerVision can help you harness visual data to understand human behavior, adding another rich layer of information to your decision making process. VoyagerInsights can help you solve cases by automatically uncovering relevant leads as well as leads you were not aware of and highlights the story behind both extracted and inferred facts.


The benefits

Automated AI-driven insights

Focus your threat monitoring with actionable insights on individuals, groups and topics.

Harness publicly available data in near-real time

Receive the most relevant and current information.

Reveal key and hidden connections

Instantly gain deep, actionable insights about individuals, groups, or topics, including key and hidden connections.

Share knowledge

Cooperate across teams, departments, and agencies.