Criminal Investigations

Answers hidden in plain sight

The suspect. The target. The network. Every case you investigate is unique, but many share a common thread which often lies hidden within the billions of data points making up cyberspace. Voyager Labs offers unparalleled in-depth analysis platforms based on artificial intelligence. These platforms empower investigators and analysts to incorporate insights gleaned from unstructured data into their existing processes, thus augmenting and accelerating results.

Focus your investigation with AI

Large Federal agencies, as well as Law Enforcement and Corporate Security departments, use Voyager Labs’ platforms to analyze vast amounts of real-time unstructured data within seconds. Using the deep analysis that an AI-driven solution makes possible, a coherent picture emerges of targets, groups or topics of interest, as well as relationships, affinity and intent. Deep-dive insights help analysts uncover important narratives, hidden connections, key influencers, and mediators who may be facilitating illicit activities. These platforms deliver deep, actionable insights into human behavior, helping agents and analysts automatically compile full intelligence perspectives and augment their investigations in a rapid and proactive way, with profound insights which were previously impossible to obtain.

The benefits

Condense investigation times

Turn weeks of data sifting into minutes.

Reveal hidden insights

Instantly gain actionable, otherwise-unattainable insights about individuals, groups or topics, including key and hidden relationships.

Harness publicly available data in near real time

Receive and analyze the most relevant and current information.

Share knowledge

Cooperate and coordinate across teams, departments, jurisdictions, and agencies. Integrate with your existing systems.

Start immediately

Straightforward and quick to deploy and adopt – on average, two days of training yields immediate intelligence generation.

Automated, AI-driven insights

Enhance your investigations with actionable insights on individuals, groups and topics.