AI-Based Investigation Solutions


AI-Based Investigation Solutions

Reveal the unknown

Voyager Labs, a world leader in advanced AI-based investigation solutions, empowers organizations worldwide to gain deep investigative insights about entities, individuals, groups, and topics.

Our proprietary AI technology enables investigators to easily analyze massive amounts of intelligence information as well as open, deep, and dark web data, understand content and human interactions and find hidden or unknown connections and relationships.

Government and law enforcement agencies, as well as private sector customers, use our award-winning, cutting-edge technology and superior domain expertise to exponentially increase the productivity and outcomes of their investigative teams, empowering them to mitigate risks and make the world a safer place.


Automated insights and analysis - saving valuable time and resources


Immediate actionable insights that can accelerate an investigation in the right direction


Analyze massive amounts of unstructured data across multiple data sources

Our Platforms

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Automatically uncover hidden storylines from
masses of disparate data.

Surface unknown, non-obvious and
indirect connections between entities.

Synchronize, fuse, and understand
multi-source data.

Turn visual data from any
source into visual intelligence.

Understand the storylines behind
images and videos.

Instantly generate a relationship
map of key leads.

Analyze massive amounts of open,
deep, and dark web data.

Uncover social whereabouts and hidden
connections between entities.

Harness unstructured data
in near real-time.

Assess target’s behavior by
answering predefined questions.

Automatically indicate individuals
who may pose a risk.

Perform extremely high
volumes of checks daily.

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