AI as a Driver of Situational Awareness

May 2019

A version of this article has been published in Homeland Security Today.

Situational awareness is critical for the public sector, yet creating and maintaining it is a constant battle. As malicious actors become ever more innovative and advanced, agencies realize the need to dedicate additional resources to staying ahead of the game, and train their human and technological assets on the new realities of data gathering and analysis.

With increasingly larger parts of human experience enacted, shared and registered digitally, the online sphere is becoming the most significant source of intelligence for situational awareness. Harnessing the digital realm, however, poses a complex challenge. The volume of data is massive and ever-growing. The speed of new data creation stands at billions of new data points every day, and the variety encompasses text, speech, images, and data signals – all too often obscured by the endless permutations of languages, lingos, and evasion tactics and efforts made at hiding tracks and faking identities. Making sense of it all in real time requires cutting-edge technology that can support unstructured data collection and analysis. For the mission-critical efforts of border security, risk assessment and real-time investigations into suspected bad actors, maintaining a high level of situational awareness is essential. 

To learn more about the automated, AI-driven solutions for intelligence gathering and analysis that are powering this awareness, read the full article.

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