Enhancing Events Safety

Large events, whether they are music festivals, sports events, political rallies, or other public gatherings, are a hallmark of modern society. But while they usually bring people together for positive purposes, they also present unique challenges to law enforcement agencies tasked with maintaining public safety. In addition to requiring heightened readiness for issues such as […]

How Artificial Intelligence is Advancing Criminal Gang Investigations

Criminal gangs pose a significant threat to public safety on a global scale, engaging in a wide range of illicit activities including narcotics trafficking, homicide, human trafficking, internet crimes against children (ICAC), terrorism, and more. As these criminal organizations increasingly harness the power of digital technology to coordinate and execute their activities, law enforcement agencies […]

Combatting Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) With New Investigation Tools

While there are many perspectives on the topic of crime, one opinion tends to be consistent around the world — the victimization of children is especially heinous. Thousands of trained professionals have dedicated their lives to combating crimes against children, but the task becomes more complex and challenging over time. Unfortunately, the same technologies that […]

Police Chief Strategies: Using Technology to Address Staffing & Image Challenges

A good police officer is irreplaceable. No technology will ever be able to substitute for the skills, bravery, good judgment, and humanity of a well-trained law enforcement professional. However, various circumstances have placed agencies and departments all over the U.S. in a position where they don’t have enough officers and resources to meet the needs […]

Enhancing Firearms Investigations with the Latest Analytical Tools

Of all the inventions in human history, firearms may be the most controversial. Opinions about firearms vary widely around the world, and laws and regulations about guns differ by country, state / territory, and local jurisdictions. These weapons are nearly impossible to get in some places, and readily available in nearby regions. This difference in […]

New Tools for Anticipating and Preventing Cyber Attacks

How investigators are using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to shut down cyber gangs For some people, the phrase “cyber gang” might sound like a horde of half-robot, half-humans rampaging through the streets. Fortunately, the phenomenon is far less dramatic, but still potentially harmful. By the most general definition, a cyber gang is a group […]

The New Era of Homicide Investigations

How new digital solutions are a force multiplier for law enforcement investigators Popular culture is filled with depictions of homicide investigations, from true crime documentaries to outlandish fictional stories about deranged psychopaths and criminal masterminds. Perhaps the only thing that these various media depictions tend to get right most of the time is the seriousness […]

Artificial Intelligence and Investigations of Illegal 3D Printed Weapons

In many ways, firearms created with 3D printers are the perfect weapons for criminals, especially if they reside in countries with strict gun laws. These 3D printed guns have no registration, no serial numbers, and no documentation in the traditional sense. Since they are created one small layer of filament at a time, in the […]

Opportunities, limits and myths of Artificial Intelligence in the fight against crime

With non-invasive solutions, legal precedents and global trend signals, authorities and organizations already have a clear and safe path to apply Artificial Intelligence in crime prevention, forensic investigations and corporate governance. Corruption, environmental damage, money laundering, fraud, extortion and other criminal modalities already well-known and typified today gain scale with cyber-attacks, the on-demand formation of […]

Accelerating Law Enforcement Investigations with Investigative Analytics

Accelerating Law Enforcement Investigations with Investigative Analytics

As the “information age” continues to expand the range, depth, and communication of information and digital data, virtually every aspect of modern law enforcement has found value in applying investigative data analytics. Law enforcement, intelligence and security agencies, private companies, and other non-governmental organizations have varying authorities and requirements for their investigations and analytic requirements, […]