The Unique Value of Open-Source Intelligence Tools in Investigations

Open-Source Intelligence Tools in Investigations

Technological developments in digital information have elevated intelligence and investigations capabilities beyond anything imagined during the Cold War era, especially with the introduction of the World Wide Web, “smart” devices, modern satellites, cryptography, and biometrics. In law enforcement, digital investigations and forensics tools have also progressed and developed, leading to greatly increased speed and accuracy […]

Artificial Intelligence and Fraud Detection

Artificial Intelligence and Fraud Detection

Like most types of crime, fraud has been around for centuries. Forgery, cons, and schemes have been around since long before computers were invented, but the digital age has brought fraud to a new level of sophistication and globality. As worldwide E-commerce escalates into a multi-trillion-dollar industry, cases of identity theft per year are in […]

Fighting the U.S. Human Trafficking Crisis with Advanced Investigative Technologies

Fighting the U.S. Human Trafficking Crisis with Advanced Investigative Technologies

Human trafficking brings in over $150 billion dollars every year, making it the second most profitable crime in the world. Only drug trafficking generates more illegal income. Like drug trafficking, human trafficking is diverse, complex, and global, making it difficult to combat. Forced labor, sex trafficking, organ trafficking, and other forms of modern-day slavery and […]

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Crime Prevention

The traditional emphasis of law enforcement has been to apprehend criminals. However, the advent of new technologies – including Open-Source data gathering and analysis, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications – has ushered in a new era of unique opportunities to help law enforcement agencies actually prevent crimes. AI is increasingly being used successfully by law […]

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Address the U.S. Opioid Crisis

The U.S. has faced enormous challenges over the last several decades involving illegal drugs. As the wealthiest country in the world, the United States is the transnational drug dealer’s prime market, and the nation has suffered from this distinction. Nearly 100,000 people die from drug overdoses in the U.S. per year, with over 70% of […]

Artificial Intelligence and the Quest to Prevent Lone Wolf Attacks

The Lone Wolf attack in the supermarket in Auckland, New Zealand in September 2021 is a disturbing reminder of how unpredictable violence can be. Lone Wolf terrorist attacks have increased in frequency around the world, largely due to global online radicalization, decentralized terrorist structures, and increased technological access. In our contemporary era, someone can be […]

Artificial Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence

Intelligence collection is as old and established in history as governments are:  Knowing your enemies’ and opponents’ plans and intentions is central to protecting national security.  For any new techniques and methodologies that are developed for intelligence collection, there is the certainty that they will also be used to conduct espionage by adversaries.  This is […]

Artificial Intelligence Applied in the Battle Against Organized Crime

Organized crime has been a topic of fascination in films and TV show for decades. Real and fictional members in the organized crime groups from Italy, Russia, Mexico, Columbia, China, and Japan have developed legendary status among fans and history enthusiasts, becoming romanticized and heroic in the minds of millions. However, organized criminals in the […]

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Counter On-Line Racism and Hate Speech

Protecting free speech and freedom of expression are important and fundamental principles of open, democratic societies. Nevertheless, governments also recognize the need to set boundaries for speech that is not protected.  Speech that can lead to harming people, including advocacy of genocide or violence against groups based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sex, political affiliation, […]

Fighting Financial Crime with Artificial Intelligence

Technology transformation is giving a face lift to every sector including financial services. However rapid digitization is a double-edged sword as criminals are becoming sophisticated and exploring security vulnerabilities and evading detection to move dirty money across the banking systems. It is estimated that up to USD $2 Trillion is laundered annually, which is the […]

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Counter Terrorism

Established and emerging terrorist groups show remarkable similarities in making use of open sources and online platforms to spread their poisonous messages, find and gain financial and other support, and cultivate new members. Whether they are religious extremist terrorist groups, far-right nationalist groups designated as “terrorist” by the US and other governments, or local violent […]