Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Counter On-Line Racism and Hate Speech

Protecting free speech and freedom of expression are important and fundamental principles of open, democratic societies. Nevertheless, governments also recognize the need to set boundaries for speech that is not protected.  Speech that can lead to harming people, including advocacy of genocide or violence against groups based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sex, political affiliation, […]

Fighting Financial Crime with Artificial Intelligence

Technology transformation is giving a face lift to every sector including financial services. However rapid digitization is a double-edged sword as criminals are becoming sophisticated and exploring security vulnerabilities and evading detection to move dirty money across the banking systems. It is estimated that up to USD $2 Trillion is laundered annually, which is the […]

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Counter Terrorism

Established and emerging terrorist groups show remarkable similarities in making use of open sources and online platforms to spread their poisonous messages, find and gain financial and other support, and cultivate new members. Whether they are religious extremist terrorist groups, far-right nationalist groups designated as “terrorist” by the US and other governments, or local violent […]

Artificial Intelligence and the Fight Against Illegal Narcotics

Drug trafficking is one most profitable illegal activities in the world, generating an estimated $400 billion per year from the illicit sale of fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines, controlled prescription drugs, and “designer drugs.” Transnational Drug Trafficking Organizations operate globally, creating a vast web of intricate communications and operations. This illegal trade contributes to a host […]

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Vetting Process

The world seems to become smaller every year as international communications and the global economy continue to grow more connected and more complex. While this trend certainly has many benefits in terms of market expansion, information sharing, and trade, it also comes with its hazards. While the majority of international visitors are law-abiding individuals who […]

Why AI Technology is Core to Tackling Chronic Instability

In this blog, international counter-terrorism expert Dror Michman describes the complex challenges today’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies face, and how AI-based technology can be part of the solution. The intelligence landscape has changed Law enforcement and intelligence agencies operate in a very disruptive world and this has many repercussions. In this age of unprecedented […]

Reinforcement Learning will Supercharge Machine Learning

Lately there has been a stream of news describing algorithms that learn on their own and achieve superhuman capabilities in finding optimal solutions to various problems. The application that made the biggest splash in the AI field is a computer algorithm that managed to become the best GO player in the world, defeating world champions […]

The Practical Aspects of AI Implementation Part 2

I believe that Charles Darwin, who is best known for his contributions to the science of evolution, never thought that his theories may be also applicable for AI-based solutions (with some modifications and adjustments of course). A couple of weeks ago I shared with you the first part of ‘The Practical Aspects of AI Implementation’ […]

Introducing: Authentic AI

By Jay Klein – CTO, Voyager Labs   There are specific business-related pain points in mind when a company decides to use products which employ AI technology. Most of you will agree that issues such as the way in which Machine Learning algorithms are utilized by the product, or the number of layers in the Deep Neural […]

The Practical Aspects of AI Implementation

Part One: Introducing the Problem & the Opportunity By Jay Klein – CTO Voyager Labs   For quite a while, I wanted to write a series of posts regarding the practical aspects of AI implementation. As this is the first part and first impression counts, I was wondering how should I begin. Some of you, […]