Fighting Financial Crime with Voyager Labs

Voyager Labs’ award-winning AI-based investigation solutions empower organizations to quickly analyze massive amounts of complex legal, financial, internal, open-source data, providing investigators with previously unattainable insights that shed light on suspicious, illicit, or criminal financial activity or individuals.

Investigators use Voyager Labs to harness their organization’s own data, as well as open, deep, and dark web data, to rapidly build storylines joining the dots between the financial behaviors and interactions of individuals and organizational entities.

Intelligent KYC & EDD

Surface hidden risks and gain a deeper understanding of customers by assessing risk aspects such as lifestyle changes, extremism, crypto, affiliation and more.

AML, Fraud & Special Investigations

Gain deep investigative insights about entities, individuals, groups, events, and topics using AI-based investigation solutions.

Trade Based Money Laundering

Use AI-based Content & Network Analytics solutions to fuse intelligence from various sources, to perform complex topology analysis, identify shell companies, TBML red flags and more.

Counter Terrorism Financing

Leverage AI technology against terror financing to detect connections and solidarity with extremists and radicals.

Trade Surveillance

Reveal hidden and indirect relationships and understand group dynamics to identify market manipulation, insider trading and more.

Insider Threat

Automate employee & partner vetting, identify insider threats discreetly and covertly without disrupting ongoing business.

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