Voyager Labs Named “Best AI-Based Investigation Solutions Firm” in Acquisition International’s 2024 Global Excellence Awards

April 4, 2024

Acquisition International (AI) has awarded Voyager Labs as “Best AI-Based Investigation Solutions Firm, USA” in the 2024 AI Global Excellence Awards.

Established in 2012, Voyager Labs is an award-winning global leader in the development of advanced digital analytic solutions that enable public safety organizations to identify threats, mitigate risk, and fight crime. Here, we dive deeper into the company’s work in the wake of its success in winning Best AI-Based Investigation Solutions Firm, USA, in the Global Excellence Awards 2024.

With crime accelerating at an unprecedented rate in the digital world, investigators are dealing with a massive flow of information, much more than that which can be processed by the human mind. It is essential for them to be able to make sense of all the noise and reveal the critical intelligence needed to take down a criminal network, prevent tragedy from occurring, and make the world a safer place.

With Voyager Labs’ proprietary, AI-enabled software platforms, investigators can quickly analyze huge amounts of publicly available data from across the open, deep, and dark webs to find the insights they need to advance their investigations. Across the world, these solutions are used by law enforcement and national security organizations to tackle serious public safety challenges like terrorism, human trafficking, internet crimes against children (ICAC), homicides, illicit narcotics, criminal gangs, insider threats, and fraud.

In particular, Voyager Labs serves a client base that includes police departments, sheriff departments, national security and intelligence agencies, prosecution agencies/offices, and specialized government taskforces. All prospective customers are carefully vetted to ensure that they have law-abiding missions and are working to improve public safety. They must also have strong internal guidelines and processes in place to ensure that analytical software is used in an appropriate and ethical manner.

Voyager Labs sets itself apart in the software development industry through its portfolio of specialized solutions, built by investigators for investigators. The company is proud to offer far more capabilities than its competitors, with proprietary technology that combines best-in-class capabilities, seamless data integration, AI-driven analysis, and smart visualization.

Using Voyager Labs’ solutions, investigative agencies can benefit from a 90% reduction in time spent on data research and analysis, heightened accuracy in uncovering previously unattainable, high-value insights, and early risk identification to gain the upper hand over nefarious parties. With these advantages and more, investigators are empowered to do more, faster, and with better outcomes.

With Voyager Labs, all customers are provided with comprehensive onboarding assistance, free solution updates and user training, as well as continuous reach- back support. When it comes to user training, the company offers a certification program featuring live in-person and online sessions with expert analysts. Once they have completed this program, investigators are better able to effectively identify hidden or unknown relationships, interactions, and connections. This focus on training and support ensures an efficient onboarding process, uninterrupted productivity, and increased domain expertise.

In addition to its exceptional solutions and support services, Voyager Labs sets itself apart through the deep sector expertise of its workforce. In particular, the company is proud to have a world-class team of AI researchers, data scientists, and engineers who work hard to develop its award-winning solutions. The AI Research Lab is operated by top scientists and PhDs, including pioneers in the fields of cognitive computing, behavioral science, AI research, data and mathematics, and natural-language understanding (NLU). Voyager Labs is proud to invest in extensive technical research and development, which plays a significant role in expanding the capabilities of its solution portfolio in line with investigators’ changing needs.

Furthermore, led by former high-ranking intelligence and law enforcement experts, Voyager Labs is equipped with first-hand knowledge of the industry it serves, including the goals and challenges involved in national security. Currently, a key challenge facing public safety organizations is using new technologies like AI and open-source data without infringing on individual rights or violating local regulations and policies.

For this reason, Voyager Labs maintains a deep commitment to ethics and follows the laws of all the countries in which it operates. Created by in-house developers and vetted for ethical design, the company’s solutions only use unbiased tools like explainable AI. The software exclusively employs ethical and non-invasive methods to analyze publicly available data.

Rather than drawing conclusions and making predictions itself, the software empowers human analysts who ultimately have full control over any final investigative insights and conclusions. This dedication to ethics enables users of the Voyager Labs software to avoid engaging in any surreptitious or deceptive tactics and ensures the protection of civil liberties.

Considering its impressive portfolio of solutions, it is no surprise that Voyager Labs has received the prestigious title of Best AI-Based Investigation Solutions Firm, USA, in the Global Excellence Awards 2024. In the coming year, the company plans to continue its leadership in constant innovation by updating and enhancing its solutions in line with the changing requirements of its customers and the evolving tactics of sophisticated criminals.

For its exceptional work, Voyager Labs has been recognized by a number of prestigious institutions and well-respected individuals. For example, Kirk Arthur, Senior Director of Worldwide Public Safety & Justice at Microsoft Corporation, shares, “Law enforcement and intelligence agencies are increasingly leveraging AI solutions to keep up with today’s sophisticated types of threats and the unprecedented amount of data concerning each investigation. Partners such as Voyager Labs, who have developed AI-based SaaS platforms, are a great example for these kinds of solutions.”

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About Voyager Labs

Voyager Labs’ subsidiaries provide award winning digital investigation solutions to law enforcement and national security organizations worldwide. These solutions help investigators to quickly and easily analyze massive amounts of internal intelligence data, as well as other publicly available information across the open and dark web, to address critical public safety issues such as human trafficking, internet crimes against children (ICAC), gang violence, homicide, narcotics trafficking, and terrorism. For more information, visit

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