Voyager Labs Partners with mh Service to Expand Presence in the Middle East and South Asia Region

March 25, 2024

Dubai, UAE – 25 March 2024 – Voyager Labs, a global leader in AI-driven open-source intelligence and analytics, is excited to announce its partnership with mh Service, a prominent distributor of technological solutions, to expand its presence in the Middle East and South Asia region. Under this partnership, mh Service will serve as Voyager Labs’ distribution partner, offering its cutting-edge big data analysis technology to clients across the region.

The Middle East and South Asia region represent dynamic markets with a growing demand for advanced digital intelligence solutions. Through this strategic partnership, Voyager Labs aims to leverage mh Service’s extensive network and expertise to reach new clients and expand its footprint in the region.

“We are delighted to partner with mh Service to bring our AI-driven digital intelligence solutions to the Middle East and South Asia region,” said Gary Miller, EVP & General Manager of Voyager Labs. “With mh Service’s deep understanding of the market and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are confident that together, we can deliver unparalleled value to clients in these regions.”

mh Service, known for its commitment to innovation and customer-centric approach, sees the partnership with Voyager Labs as a significant addition to its portfolio. The collaboration will enable mh Service to offer advanced big data analysis capabilities to its clients, empowering them to extract actionable insights from vast amounts of unstructured data.

“We are thrilled to partner with Voyager Labs to expand our offerings in the Middle East and South Asia region,” said Mohamed Awad Alla – COO of mh Service. “Voyager Labs’ cutting-edge technology aligns perfectly with our mission to provide our clients with cognitive AI investigation solutions that drive success. This partnership will open doors to new opportunities and allow us to serve our customers’ evolving needs better.”

The agreement between Voyager Labs and mh Service marks a significant milestone in the companies’ efforts to drive innovation and address the growing demand for digital intelligence solutions in the Middle East and South Asia region. By combining expertise, technology, and market insights, the two companies are poised to deliver transformative solutions that empower organizations to make informed decisions and stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.

About mh Service:

With 30 years of experience, mh Service is one of today’s leading providers of services and products related to IT, mobile phones, and audio-visual forensics, and Europe’s only supplier with their own hardware development and manufacturing departments. As partners of all current forensics market leaders, they provide the full range of high-end storage and network solutions, small hand-held devices, workstations, servers, and high-performance multi-processor clusters from a single source, furnishing complete digital forensics laboratories and fully independent mobile labs. For more information, visit

About Voyager Labs:

Voyager Labs’ subsidiaries provide award winning digital investigation solutions to law enforcement and national security organizations worldwide. These solutions help investigators to quickly and easily analyze massive amounts of internal intelligence data, as well as other publicly available information, to address critical public safety issues such as human trafficking, internet crimes against children (ICAC), gang violence, homicide, narcotics trafficking, and terrorism. For more information, visit