Social Media Warrants: How to Save Time & Enhance Evidence Capture

For law enforcement agencies who regularly receive social media warrant returns, effectively searching and analyzing massive PDFs of 50,000 or more pages is not possible with manual methods. The staff time required is too long and valuable insights, including critical evidence, are too often missed.

Download this guide to understand from former criminal investigators Jason Webb (Oxford, Alabama Police Department) and Andrew Thompson (NYPD) how new warrant reader technology can help your agency save time and enhance case evidence by:


  • Converting thousands of PDF pages into a concise, readable timeline
  • Seamlessly incorporating private messages (DMs) into case evidence
  • Enabling rapid search & flagging of warrant return evidence
  • Mapping relationships to identify co-conspirators and witnesses
  • Uncovering facts you didn’t know were there


This brief guide also provides key factors to consider when selecting a social media warrant reader solution – a useful checklist for evaluating which solution is best for your agency.


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Voyager Labs’ subsidiaries provide award-winning digital investigation solutions to law enforcement and national security organizations worldwide to address critical public safety issues such as human trafficking, internet crimes against children (ICAC), gang violence, homicide, narcotics trafficking, and terrorism.



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