Voyager Labs’ AI-driven Insights Become Headlines

January 2019

A month after being uncovered on stage, hidden insights revealed by Voyager Labs’ technology made the headlines.

Voyager Labs’ proprietary core AI recently scored a major win, after its analysis was confirmed by none other than Ali Khamenei.  

Last month, Voyager Labs’ founder and CEO, Avi Korenblum, took the stage at the Calcalist Big Data convention in Tel Aviv for a keynote on technology and intelligence. During his keynote, he presented a message presumably posted on the internet by an Iranian citizen:

“The next time an ‘Iran expert’ tells you that he supports the most crushing sanctions on the regime because they are the best way to support the Iranian people, be sure to ask him the last time he lived through something like that.”

But the company’s proprietary technology, used to analyze this post, painted a different picture.

A seemingly innocent post, turned out to be orchestrated by the Iranian Regime and unknowingly revealed their concern over the poverty caused by the West’s sanctions.

By evaluating the writer’s level of objectivity and a host of other revealing factors, the algorithms uncovered a hidden agenda regarding the poverty on the streets of Iran – a direct result of the West’s sanctions, revealing that this post was planned and published not by a regular citizen, but rather by the Iranian administration.

“The regime, unaware of our technology’s abilities, is oblivious to the fact that these posts are actually exposing the underbelly of the Iranian administration,” Voyager Labs’ CEO noted. “Poverty is one of the major causes of civilian uprising, especially in the Middle East,” he added. The regime was under pressure.

The regime admits to this concern, as reported by Reuters.

This insight received a resounding confirmation in a speech delivered last week by Ali Khamenei, as reported by Reuters. The country’s supreme leader took the stage to admit that the West’s sanctions are unprecedented, and are indeed taking a major toll on the Iranian people.

This reality, which the regime was trying to keep under wraps, was immediately surfaced by an Artificial Intelligence able to read through the text to the subtext. By analyzing and modeling human behavior in context – including motivation, affiliation and sentiment – Voyager Labs’ AI revealed deep, game-changing insights. It was a timely demonstration of the power of Voyager Labs’ technology and its indispensability for those who have the profound responsibility for intelligence, investigations and other security-related activities.

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