Welcome to StrAIght Talk, the Voyager Labs Blog

June 2017

Welcome to StrAIght Talk, the Voyager Labs Blog

Artificial Intelligence is considered the main driver of the 4th Industrial Revolution and our technology is already on the global radar as one of the top 50 companies leading the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution.

So, where does Voyager Labs sit in this vast eco-system of emerging AI technologies? We use AI and deep cognitive learning to understand individual behaviors, interests and intent with a level of insight and precision not available elsewhere. The social sphere is alive with complex layers of unstructured data. These billions of “human pixels” are data that is available to all, but not understandable to all.

Voyager Labs drives economic growth and helps create a safer world. When our customers in businesses and the public sector are able to master the complexity of the social sphere and its unstructured data, they gain real-time actionable insights. This is game-changing.

It’s all about the individual. We bring individuality to light.

The insights are out there – contained in the volumes of data that billions of people are generating every day around the world, specifically on social networks.

Consider this:


It’s no wonder that the insights that can be collected from the social media sphere are tremendous.

As we launch StrAIght Talk, we are excited to engage our readers in the latest developments and trends in artificial intelligence, and share valuable updates about our platforms and applications in your area of business and operation.

Some of the topics we look forward to covering in the coming weeks include:

  • How AI, machine learning & deep learning can benefit eCommerce, financial credit scoring and assessing risk within corporations and the general public
  • Cognitive deep learning and the social media sphere
  • How to leverage big data for more valuable insights

The contributors to this blog represent a variety of domain experts from our team, and we will occasionally feature guest contributors from outside the company as well.

We invite you to join the conversation on LinkedIn and Twitter and to share your own perspective and experiences.

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