Mitigating Insider Threat and Enhancing Vetting Investigations with Artificial Intelligence

The world’s societies and economies are continuously becoming more interconnected and complex as a result of new technologies. While there are many beneficial aspects to these communications and information-sharing advances, they also introduce new security threats and challenges. The need for the best solutions – including Artificial Intelligence – to save precious analyst and investigator […]

AI’s Role in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Financial Fraud Investigations

The exponential developments in the cyber realm over the last few decades have led to levels of convenience and efficiency that the world has never seen before. Unfortunately, these developments have also led to new vulnerabilities that criminals can exploit from anywhere in the world with internet service. As many cybersecurity experts have pointed out, […]

How To Build an Internal Business Case for Open-Source Tech

The hows and whys of adopting artificial intelligence (AI) tools in the enterprise have been hotly discussed in recent years as the technology matures and becomes increasingly more relevant – and useful – in the course of everyday work. Gartner predicts that organizations worldwide will create $2.9 trillion of business value and 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity […]

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Counter Domestic Terrorism

Violent extremism and terrorism have been one of the greatest concerns of the American public and the US government for decades.  Certain patterns and trends in violent extremism and terrorism, such as Internet-based bottom-up recruitment and a focus on softer targets, apply to foreign-sponsored terrorism as much as they do on Domestic Terrorism.  A disturbing […]

Using OSINT to Mitigate Global Supply Chain Risks and Vulnerabilities

As the world becomes more integrated through digital communications and more globalized on every level, each new technological development seems to be swiftly followed by a new cyber threat. While the threat of election interference from Russian hackers dominated the news in the United States, another cyber threat was looming that could be equally damaging. It is […]

What Will The Future of Law Enforcement Look Like?

In 32 years at NYPD, Jack Donohue has held every rank from cadet to chief, and in recent years has helped shape public safety policy at the national level. Here he shares his thoughts about some of the greatest challenges facing law enforcement today: Maximizing limited police resources in tough times Leveraging open-source, deep and […]

The Empowered Investigator: Ensuring Public Safety… Even With Fewer Resources

Recent events have law enforcement re-evaluating how they will do their jobs effectively under the shadow of potential budget cuts. One answer may lie in improving open-source and deep/dark web intelligence. In a quarter-century at the NYPD, former Real-Time Crime Center Commanding Officer Joe Courtesis evaluated and implemented technologies that helped police officers do their […]

Unearthing Criminal Activity from the Parallel Universe of Dark Web

As most of us go about our daily online routines, surfing, shopping, and chatting with like-minded friends, others are doing the same  – on the Dark Web. If you think this sounds mysterious and even scary, you’re right.  It is where those wishing to remain anonymous or untraceable hang out, and predictably, those types of […]

AI-Driven Intelligence for Federal Agencies: What’s Next?

Dating back to his days as a CIA executive, Voyager Labs’ Hendrik van der Meulen has witnessed the intelligence world integrate advanced technologies into its daily operations. We recently caught up with him to learn what’s currently on the minds of leading intelligence experts.  Let’s start off by discussing some of the buzz you’ve been […]

Is Your Organization FCPA Compliant?

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), which forbids US businesses from engaging in bribery or inaccurate accounting in their overseas activities, has been in effect since 1977. In the past decade, however, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice have significantly stepped up enforcement efforts. In the first quarter of 2019 alone, […]