Leveraging Big Data in the War against Opioid Abuse

An average of 130 deaths each day from opioid abuse. An economic cost of $1 trillion over the past two decades. A decrease in American life expectancy for the first time in a hundred years. The stats testify to a health and public safety epidemic without an easy solution. As the dependencies grow, there is, […]

AI as a Driver of Situational Awareness

A version of this article has been published in Homeland Security Today. Situational awareness is critical for the public sector, yet creating and maintaining it is a constant battle. As malicious actors become ever more innovative and advanced, agencies realize the need to dedicate additional resources to staying ahead of the game, and train their […]

Outgunning the Gun Runners

In the US, the number of gun-related fatalities rose to nearly 40,000 in 2017. Recent studies have estimated that as many as 80% of gun-related crimes are committed by someone other than the gun’s legal owner. With these statistics in mind, stemming the flow of guns from their legal purchasers to the street is vital […]

Revealing New Players in a Narcotics Distribution Chain

How can an AI-driven analysis of billions of data points enhance and expedite a narcotics investigation? A routine traffic stop in a Midwestern state led to the discovery of 18 pounds of heroin. The driver refused to speak to the police.  A large police department was left with a dilemma – chasing down all the […]

Police Chiefs Talk Priorities: Collaboration and Advanced Technologies

Many of the pressing issues facing law enforcement today were discussed at the recent Major Cities Chiefs Association conference in Washington DC. The event, which featured talks by senior officials from various police departments and sheriff’s offices, as well as remarks by President Donald Trump, shed light on four key areas that chiefs of police […]

Voyager Labs’ AI-driven Insights Become Headlines

A month after being uncovered on stage, hidden insights revealed by Voyager Labs’ technology made the headlines. Voyager Labs’ proprietary core AI recently scored a major win, after its analysis was confirmed by none other than Ali Khamenei.   Last month, Voyager Labs’ founder and CEO, Avi Korenblum, took the stage at the Calcalist Big Data […]

How AI Can Transform National Intelligence

Intelligence officers are often called upon to make time-sensitive decisions that directly affect human lives. Decisions which require an in-depth understanding of specific topics across time.  How can AI help them achieve a full understanding of any topic, in minutes? From understanding the ‘word on the street’ (even if that street happens to be in […]

AI in the Service of Public Safety: 5 Use Cases

Advanced technologies have always been vital for maintaining public safety and giving agencies a significant edge. But the last couple of years have seen an explosion of artificial intelligence capabilities, fundamentally changing the game for every area of security – from counterterrorism and intelligence to law enforcement and border control. At the heart of this […]

Using AI to Decipher Unstructured Data

Recently, in a rapidly unfolding major terrorist incident in a large city, authorities almost immediately identified one attacker. Racing against time to prevent additional suspected attacks, investigators’ first priority was to identify and uncover the terrorist’s network. The attacker had no online profile, but analysts used an expert system to identify several of his associates […]